All About Health Card Check

All About Health Card Check

Health cards are an important document to keep for many reasons. Not only do they provide access to emergency and secondary care facilities in case of need, but they also establish relationships with other medical professionals and health care providers in a community. The health card check provides all health information regarding the holder such as his name, address, health issues, immunization records, medications, and hospitalizations. It is used by doctors, nurses, pharmacists, dentists, physician assistants, and emergency health service providers in the community and school nursing units to identify individuals that require additional screening. Screening for these diseases helps in the early identification of potential health problems and thus can prevent illness and disease progression.

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Individuals living in Canada must carry a valid health card issued by the Canadian authorities. If you are immigrating to Canada or are changing your name, it is important to note that after your application is received, it is required to send the health card check along with your application. Failure to do so may result in invalid and potentially invalidate your immigrant status.


Most of the individuals living in Canada require a health card check before they receive services from any clinic or organization. Such organizations and clinics will conduct a check on the prospective cardholder to determine whether or not he or she has any contagious diseases or communicable diseases. These diseases include influenza, Hepatitis A, Mumps, Rubella, Chicken Pox, Syphilis, HIV, and hepatitis B. Health card checks are usually done for immunization purposes. Immigrant groups are required to present one of their vaccination records at the immigration office upon entering the country. There are several organizations that conduct immunization screening programs, but you should always remember that the results are not guaranteed.


An individual with a health card will enjoy better access to hospitals and health care facilities. However, there is no proof that a person has immunity against a particular disease if he or she does not have a health card. Immigrants with no health card can be denied entry to certain institutions, depending on the rules of the government. Therefore, a health card check is essential to guarantee safe health care at all times.


Immigrants who have applied for immigration but are not yet given the visa may not be able to use public hospitals for certain medical treatments. Such individuals are required to have a health card. In order to obtain a health card, they should visit a local branch of the Immigration, Customs, and Citizenship Service (ICE). They will be required to show their original documents of citizenship while presenting their most recent foreign passport or birth certificate. After determining the required requirements, applicants can schedule an appointment to have their fingerprints taken. Their fingerprints will then be sent to the Centralized Electronic Application System (C EVE) database.


Once approved, they will receive an immigrant health card. They can use it at pharmacies, hospitals, and health care facilities. Health care providers also accept special card for specific procedures such as blood tests and hospitalization. However, immigrants are not allowed to get health cards for self-treatment at home. Immigrants who obtained their original visas and health card check cannot use their health card for self-treatment.

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