An Exercise Program For Seniors - Fitness Exercises For Seniors

An Exercise Program For Seniors – Fitness Exercises For Seniors

fitness exercises for seniors

Fitness exercises for seniors are often difficult and frustrating to begin, but once you’ve started the habit, fitness exercises for seniors can be a wonderful way to stay active and healthy. Fitness is important for everyone but it becomes especially important for seniors. As we age, we naturally become less active and we gain weight; being overweight can lead to poor digestion, weak bones, increased risk of illness, and other problems.


One of the major goals of fitness exercise is weight loss. If you are obese or even moderately overweight, you should consider a fitness program. Exercise also improves your overall health, reduces stress, helps you sleep better, and builds a healthier body. Seniors who engage in regular fitness exercise find that they enjoy better health and live longer. For those seniors with mild to moderate osteoporosis, fitness exercises for seniors can greatly improve their health. Exercise can also prevent fractures, reduce the risks of serious illness and injury, and increase the strength, mobility and function of joints.


Physical fitness exercises for seniors can help you increase your fitness level and flexibility. This helps you maintain or get back into shape if you have lost a lot of weight over the years. It can also help you if you have recently had surgery or recently sustained an accident. There are a number of fitness exercises for seniors that are especially helpful. These include stretching exercises, such as lunges, knee bends, and calf raises; cardiovascular workouts, such as walking, swimming, biking, dancing and aerobics; balance and coordination exercises; and strengthening exercises, such as push-ups and sit-ups.


If your senior fitness exercises are a little too challenging, there are many fitness machines and fitness books that can help you. Many senior fitness exercises require balancing activities, such as standing on a ring, using a stability ball, or doing crunches on a stability bench. Balance equipment is also available for sale in most stores. Some of the most popular fitness exercises for seniors are walking, running, bicycling, skating and swimming. You can also buy fitness DVDs that include fitness exercises for seniors.


Fitness programs for seniors are generally recommended by doctors or other medical professionals and are usually designed to be low-impact, with the use of natural products and minimal equipment. In some cases, you may find that it is beneficial to hire a personal trainer to help you with fitness exercise programs for seniors. Senior fitness exercise programs should be kept interesting and challenging. After all, most exercise programs for seniors are only done for a few minutes each day, at most. Most fitness programs for seniors are also not intended to last for long periods of time.


Fitness programs for seniors can help you live a longer, healthier life. If you have been sedentary for a while, you may find that fitness exercise will motivate you to get started again. The important thing is to start your fitness exercise program as soon as possible. Begin by walking around the block or taking a walk in the park. As you become more comfortable with doing your fitness exercises for seniors, you can move on to more difficult workouts, such as those done on a Swiss ball, elliptical machine or treadmill.

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