Fitness Exercise Definition

Fitness Exercise Definition

fitness exercise definition

Fitness exercise definition means different things to different people. To others, it may simply mean exercise, and how we go about getting exercise. To others it is the quality of the exercise and what benefits does it bring to the body. Whatever fitness exercise definition you choose to follow, you need to be consistent in your efforts to meet your fitness goals and become fit.


The foundation for physical fitness definition is based on the knowledge that physical fitness can be achieved through moderate-to strenuous activity. Aerobic fitness should be a component of any definition for physical fitness. Aerobic activity is any physical activity that improves your ability to oxygenate blood. This is why so many sports players are asked to do cardiovascular activities, such as running and jogging. Examples of cardiovascular aerobic activity include walking, bicycling, and stair climbing. A few exercises you might want to consider doing to improve your cardiovascular fitness are: swimming, running, biking, dancing, playing tennis, or joining a sports club.


The next component of a fitness definition is flexibility. Flexibility is defined as the ability to move your joints and bones in a range of motion normally maintained by your muscles and bones. This ability also includes being able to return to a normal range of motion after a particular stretching or contraction of the muscle or bone. Having strong muscles and bones that can move freely without limitation is the base component of a fitness definition of flexibility.


Another definition is muscular endurance. Muscular endurance is defined as the ability of your muscles to do the same amount of activities over again with minimal effort. It is the basis for weight loss fitness definition. Muscles can endure without much stimulation over a long period of time. Some examples of activities that are done on a continuous basis to improve this definition of muscular endurance include weight training, running, swimming, tennis, bicycling, and strength training.


The last component of a fitness definition is health status. Health status is the result of a person’s total physical health, which includes their mind and body health. These components of fitness are all interrelated and none separate from each other. The results of poor fitness conditions can be prevented through regular workouts, proper nutrition, and good dieting, rest, and stress management.


To develop a complete fitness exercise definition, you need to be consistent and schedule yourself an exercise routine. Develop a workout program to fit into your daily schedule. Do not overwork yourself. It will only make it more difficult to achieve your fitness goals. Give yourself an equal balance between work and play. Remember to eat healthily and to get enough sleep.

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