The Growing Need For Health Apps on the Apple iOS

The Growing Need For Health Apps on the Apple iOS

Health is the new buzzword in the smartphone market and the Health app of Apple Inc. is the most anticipated offering on the market. It is an internet-connected wristwatch that runs on the iOS platform. It includes a personal digital assistant (PDA) like Google Now, which performs several tasks including reminders, keeping track of your schedule, reminders and tracking activity. The first version of the app, launched back in May of this year, was a hit in the fitness-conscious crowd, thanks to its smart fitness and health features.

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Health is the new buzzword in the smartphone market and the Apple’s Health app has entered into the market with a bang. The app is available with Apple iPhone and iPod Touch which run iOS 7 or later. The chief executive of Apple, Tim Cook, had announced that the company would launch many more apps, apart from the Health app, in the coming years. The company claims to have developed more than 100 Health apps in the coming months.


Health apps for iPhone and iPod touch are designed to provide instant access to vital health data collected by the user. The chief advantage of the apps lies in the use of the iPhone’s tap-to-wake feature and the use of iWork’s iSight for displaying live data collected by the sensors of the Health app. Besides that, the data gathered can be shared across multiple devices, especially on the go through Air Gesture. This means that the users can view the data collected in real-time and also make changes on the spot.


There are many Health apps in the market that focus on providing detailed information on a variety of health-related issues. The healthcare sector is one of the major sectors that has been greatly boosted by these apps. The health data can include information about blood pressure, pulse rate, weight etc. The iSight component of the iSight Mobile Apps on the iPhone and iPod Touch allows easy sharing of such data collected on wearable technologies such as the ZeccoLite Wearable Platform and the MHealth App.


The healthcare apps also support other third-party applications. The iPhone’s Groupware app lets you connect with friends and colleagues who are part of the same organization. The Groupware app is also used to share contacts and tasks between the members of a group. The groupware app can be used by users to manage calendars, tasks, and contacts on their own smartphones.


However, these apps face a common disadvantage that comes with using the latest technology. The apps lag behind the Health Coach’s features and capabilities. One of the biggest challenges faced by the Health Coach apps in recent years has been keeping the app’s interface and app user interfaces free of bugs and glitches. The Health app’s delay in rolling out its update to the latest version has also forced the developers to face the consequences. The delay is because the company did not have the necessary time to focus on creating new features to meet the growing needs of the mobile healthcare community.

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