Hydrocarbon Concentration in Oil

In the oil industry, the most talked about topic of the day is if oil companies can find more oil using the new technology that reduces the hydrocarbon concentration in oil. Theoretically, the hydrocarbon concentration in oil is decreasing and if there is a decrease in the concentration, then the cost of production goes down. Of course, lower the cost, lower the price for consumers and investors. It is not uncommon to see oil companies take a loss on some of their large oil fields due to low hydrocarbon concentration.

if technology that reduces the hydrocarbon concentration


There are many problems with the current oil situation and one of the largest is how the hydrocarbons stays in the ground. To drill for and extract oil from these sites requires an expensive and complex set of equipment. In addition to all of the costs, drilling into such difficult and deep underground rock formations can cause further damage to the earth. Many countries such as the United States, Canada and Brazil have major reserves of oil in their country’s interior, but they are also experiencing difficulty in extracting this oil. This is due to geological barriers and the geology of these areas.


In the United States, Congress has been debating whether the drilling and extracting of oil from beneath the ground should be done by independent companies or whether the oil should be done domestically. Recently, there have been several instances where the US oil companies have been pushing their representatives in Congress to make the drilling techniques stricter to increase output and reduce the cost per barrel. Some of these techniques include sand drilling and water extraction. These methods are not efficient and increase the cost per barrel.


Some of the proposed solutions being discussed in congress would require the oil companies to submit reports about their activities back to the government. These reports would be available for public scrutiny and would help the US citizens become more aware about the impact of these activities. This is one of the solutions being pushed by some oil companies if technology that reduces the hydrocarbon concentration in the oil is to be introduced.


Some geologists believe that if these reports are made public, then the price of oil will be decreased. The cost of production of oil is dependent on the price of oil in the market. Many countries have suffered a serious shortage of petroleum in recent years. There have been times when China and several other countries have supplied more oil than the rest of the world combined. The price of oil has increased dramatically all over the world as a result of this phenomenon.


If there is to be any chance of reducing the price of oil, the oil companies will have to learn how to drill more efficiently and effectively. Some geologists believe that the drilling methods currently in use are too passive. Drilling rigs are known to produce less oil than necessary and sometimes waste a lot of water as well. The amount of water used can sometimes lead to a shortage of drinking water in some areas and this has already caused a rise in water prices.


Some companies have taken this into account and have started introducing new technologies that are proving to be beneficial in drilling. These include using different kinds of technology. One of these new technologies is known as wellsprung hydrotherapy. This technique requires that the water excavated from beneath the ground to be passed through pipes which are planted deep into the ground. This method is proving to be more efficient than the old conventional method of extracting oil by manual methods.


The hydrocarbon concentration in oil will be a major consideration for the oil industry in the coming years. It is a fact that the earth’s reservoir will eventually run out. Some of the reserves of oil are being discovered at an alarming rate and experts believe that it will soon be too late for these supplies to be used. This is why more attention needs to be given to finding alternative sources of energy.

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