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There are many different technology fields. Each technology field was defined by MBOT which is the Technology Advisor Panel. The key area for each Technology and Management fields was similarly defined to encompass the complete breadth of Technology and Management fields and its application in the business. These include:


* Pharmaceutical Biological and Transcription fields. These tech careers focus on the discovery, development and manufacture of the drugs as well as other medicines which are highly technical in nature. This is an area of science that requires great attention to detail, as it is often related to the clinical operations which are so critical to a person’s life. The field of Pharmaceutical Technology is also related to huge investments in research and development of new products and drugs. People who are in this tech career can expect to be involved in the development and manufacturing of important medicines for the world. They can also work for pharmaceutical companies.


* Systems and Software Development. People in this tech field are involved in computer science, engineering, computer mathematics and software development. They often work with systems and how they work and develop software programs that help people in various industries. Systems and software development deals with the creative processes and designs of computer programs and how they interact with the real world. People in this type of technology fields can either get a bachelor’s degree in this field or higher to specialize in it.


* Economics and Business Statistics. These fields include general studies, microeconomics, macroeconomics, and business statistics. People in these fields to look at the supply and demand of goods and services in the market, how capital flows in and out of a country, and how effective the government’s tax, spending and trade policies are at keeping the country’s economy growing and thriving. These jobs require many years of schooling and a variety of subjects including statistics, business, and economic management to name a few.


* Labor Statistics. Jobs in this field include data processing, administrative professionals, warehouse workers, and health information technology administrators. Salaries and job outlook for these career paths are expected to grow faster than average over the next decade. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the tech industry will continue to expand at a rapid rate through at least 2021.


* Science Degrees. Those in these fields may choose to go straight to a bachelor’s degree or pursue graduate degrees specializing in science, technology, and math (also known as BS & A’s). Science and engineering professions offer higher wages than other career paths and have more job stability. Graduates have the choice of staying employed in their field of choice or going into research or teaching, in order to further their education and acquire higher degrees.


In addition to the traditional technology jobs, there are many other options for graduates seeking employment in these fields. One option is to become a robotic engineer, which has become a popular niche within the technology field due to advancements in artificially intelligent software and hardware that allow machines to think and reason like humans do. Another option is to become a computer software engineer, which will allow an individual to design, develop, and maintain computer applications. In order to be qualified for these specialized field positions, individuals must possess exceptional programming, decision-making, problem-solving, and communication skills. Other options include positions in robotic manufacturing and artificial intelligence, which will be even more interesting in the coming years as artificial intelligence software is becoming more complex and sophisticated.


When deciding where to get started in the information technology field, it is important to research all of the options that are available. These fields are growing faster than any other career field and there will likely be a position available for every one interested person. Graduates looking to get started in information technology fields should consider a wide range of options in order to find the best match for their educational goals and personality type. Whether a student wants to work on a broad range of problems within a company or focus their career on computer science and algorithm implementation, there will always be a job available for them.

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